Scale up your engineering team with the most
talented technologists

We leverage a data-driven approach to identifying and developing tech talent across North Africa.


Access the largest pool of untapped brilliance

Five-step vetting process
3% acceptance rate
Think.iT scours North Africa, one of the largest markets of untapped talent for the brightest minds and digital pioneers.

Ever had a one-week assessment center? Welcome to Think.iT! We screen our applicants across 30+ dimensions and carry out rigorous coding assessments like those found in Silicon Valley. We then invite the best for a one-week sprint, including in-depth interviews, where we monitor their ability to work within a team and pick up new skills. Ultimately the top 3% receive an offer to join our program.

Why North Africa?

Why North Africa?

The world’s first holistic bootcamp for software engineers

To prepare our engineers to thrive on your agile, distributed team, we focus on a holistic learning experience, that hones not only technical skills but also soft skills and personality development.

Before supporting your team, our engineers spend two months immersed in simulations and their own projects and two months working on real-life projects, pushing code and incorporating feedback from our senior staff.

Hours of training
Skill checkpoints
Git commits
Hours of reflection
Think.iT Unleash

We put a strong emphasis on the personality development of our engineers. Therefore we also enable them to understand their inner self and motivations through dedicated sessions, trainings and 1:1 coaching and mentoring.

The result? Excellent software engineers with a deep understanding of:
data science

Data Science

(AI, Python, Machine Learning)


Amazon Web Services




(MEAN, React, Vue)



Scale up your team without the growing pains

We are dedicated to developing and retaining top engineers. Let us manage talent, so you can focus on growing your business.
We invest in the infrastructure that your Think.iT engineers need to be successful. From a collaborative and functional workspace to a network of senior software engineers, mentors and advisors.

Welcome to our opportunity space in Tunis

  • Collaborative and inspiring workspace
  • Fiber-optic internet connection
  • Physical and network security
  • Direct access to senior engineers, experts, and mentors
  • Strong community culture and continual learning

How to partner with Think.iT


We assess your product goals and technical needs before designing a customized solution to grow your team.


We select the best engineers for your team based on technical expertise and personal fit.


After a successful assessment we onboard your Think.iT engineers and they start contributing, supported by our senior staff.


We fly engineers out to your HQ for at least two weeks to get to know the team and codebase in person.


Our experts will help you discover how Think.iT can scale your engineering team.