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“Think-it’s deep expertise in AWS technologies is helping us make our Cloud Data Hub vision a reality. We have high standards for our partners. As a young and agile team, Think-it’s cloud-native mindset and data fluency are critical success factors for our design and development — and ultimately accelerating the end-to-end insights that inform our group-wide product strategy."

Josef Viehhauser,
Platform Lead, Enterprise Analytics

“Think-it offered us the right balance of affordability and quality results. It really made a difference that they were personally motivated to solve the problem at the core of our product — not just earn a paycheck.”

Dr. Jannic Horne,
Co-Founder & CEO, ImpactNexus

"Think-it stepped in seamlessly as an end-to-end partner on this critical part of our product experience with excellent technical expertise, proactive communication and a strong sense of ownership. We highly recommend Think-it as a reliable partner for mission-driven tech teams."

Johannes Burgard,
Founder and CEO, Solytic

We reviewed 30+ companies in our quest to find a reliable and value-aligned partner before we decided to engage with Think-it. The partnership with Think-it has not only allowed us to rapidly scale the team but also to maintain an excellent level of engineering.

What we mostly appreciate is the proactive communication as well as the quality of work. After the first couple of months Think-it engineers already belong to the main contributors to our core projects. And generally our partnership is based on open communication, mutual trust and support. Therefore I can highly recommend Think-it as a partner to address your engineering challenges.

Chris Jimenez
Director of Engineering, Zenjob
Former Director of Engineering, SoundCloud

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What We Do

We partner with you to

build people- and planet-centric products.

Your way.


We are motivated by creating things that push the frontiers of technology and society forward.

We are building enduring partnerships with Fortune 500 companies, tech innovators and changemakers to make a better world a reality.

Building digital solutions end-to-end.

From designing PoCs and MVPs to developing and deploying bespoke, reliable, and user-friendly solutions, we can take ownership of every step of the process, while closely collaborating with your team.

Augmenting teams with exceptional talent.

Our engineers seamlessly integrate with your existing team, tools, and processes. They engage just like any other full-timer, while you keep technical ownership and flexibility in team scaling.

Becoming a trusted partner for the long-run.

Our experts are closely collaborating with you throughout our partnership to define people and engineering best practices to help your team achieve outstanding results.

We’re AWS Certified

Problems we've solved:
Enabling international dataspaces to exchange data across the supply chain
Opening hosted quantum computers to the outside world via the cloud
Mapping rainforest biodiversity with AI
Digital real-time tire diagnosis
AI-powered electronics design & development
Maximizing profitability of solar PV
Digital medical assistant for improved mental wellbeing
Resource prediction for Sub-saharan herders
Predictive maintenance with drones
AI-based customer support
Predictive tire maintenance for road safety
Distributed data storage built on Blockchain
Fraud prevention on streaming platforms

Think-it. Build it. Launch it.

We integrate with your team to solve problems that haven’t been solved before.


Grit. Humility. Ownership.

A good engineer gets to know your codebase. A brilliant engineer gets to know themselves first — so they can move your whole team forward.

Anatomy of a Think-iteer
Distributed team skills
Continuous learning
Cutting-edge tech stack
Creative problem-solving

High tech. Low ego.

Technical brilliance doesn’t cut it. We only hire engineers we love working with every day too. About us

Your success is our success. Our engineers are deeply invested in your goals, because we invest in them.